Sourcing your fabric direct from the mill


CHM mill our own fabrics, supplying fabric purveyors across North America. 

We provide contract drapery fabrics direct to our clients for bottom line savings.  

Planning ahead and factoring in production lead times


Time escapes the best of us. Project schedules and workloads can be taxing. 

Commercial drapery is often supplied on short notice. Leverage maxium savings by planning ahead and budgeting your lead time. 

Partnering with seasoned industry experience

  • Efficiency and excellence are routine using seasoned contractors. It is that simple. 
  • CHM brings decades of experience to the table. Projects are managed seamlessly and delivered on time. 
  • We have your windows covered. More important, we have you covered. That is the value and strength of our partnership together.

Exploring all options

Sometimes the slightest adjustment on specifications can add up to a lot in savings. Finding the best options in every detail is key to leveraging your best value

Using vendors who do what it takes for "awesome" clients ...


We know we are different. Good vendors always are. 

Drop us a line, we'll show you what we can do pricing your project. You may be pleasantly surprised where we come in on your budget.